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OGAP® – Cancer Targeting
OGAP® – Cancer Targeting

Oxford BioTherapeutics is a world leader in cancer target discovery. Our proprietary Oxford Genome Anatomy Project (OGAP®) database is the largest of its kind in the world, integrating clinical, experimental and expression data from human protein sequences, tissues and cancers.


The OGAP system includes data on more than 5,000 cancer cell membrane proteins, which provide a unique source of precision targeting information. By applying a protein index, the OGAP technology identifies highly-qualified, novel target antigens and compares their expression in specific cancer cells versus normal tissues. This discovery technology works seamlessly with antibody development to target cancer-specific antigens, and avoid non-cancerous tissue. As a result, this powerful approach ‘unlocks’ the potential of antibody-drug conjugates to precisely target cancers while sparing normal tissue.

Unlocking Human Data

OGAP incorporates human data and patient samples, including from a wide range of cancers, and is integrated with specific clinical endpoints. This allows the rapid experimental validation of targets against in vivo data rather than computer generated predictions, accelerating the development process. The OGAP approach also enables analysis of previously discovered targets to refocus development on the most appropriate cancer indications.

Unique features of OGAP

  • 7 million human protein peptide sequences
  • ~¾ of all human proteins
  • >5,000 cancer membrane proteins
  • ~60 tissues / organs
  • ~65 diseases