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Antibody Development
Antibody Development

Precision delivery for cancer medicines

The monoclonal antibodies incorporated in our antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are engineered to bind specifically to highly expressed proteins on cancer cell membranes. These antibodies are selected specifically for optimum performance for delivering toxins to cancer cells.

Accessing world-leading antibody technology

Scientists have developed therapeutic antibodies for many years, and a number of technologies are now well established. At Oxford BioTherapeutics we collaborate with world leaders in the field to develop antibodies specific to the unique cancer targets identified by our OGAP® discovery technology.


Our collaboration with Medarex (now part of Bristol-Myers Squibb) provides us with novel, fully human antibodies developed using HuMab® technology. These antibodies are an integral component of several of Oxford BioTherapeutics’ ADC candidates.


Working with leading biotechnology company Amgen, we are developing fully-human Xenomouse® antibodies based on targets discovered with our unique OGAP system.


Our technology ‘swapping’ collaboration with BioSite (now part of Alere) gives us access to human antibody development expertise, in exchange for our target discovery capabilities for use in diagnostics. Several antibodies generated by this partnership are now in development.