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Antibody ‘arming’
Antibody ‘arming’

Precision cancer eradication

By delivering chemotherapy agents directly to cancer cells, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) offer the potential of precision treatment. Achieving this requires stable linking molecules that bind the appropriate cancer cell-killing toxin to the antibody. These linkers are designed to ensure release upon internalisation by the target cell, rather than in the blood.

The cytotoxic compounds bound by the linkers must be highly potent to induce cancer cell death at the minute doses delivered by the antibody. Several types of compounds are in development to achieve this, including tubulin inhibitors and DNA toxins. Other antibody-based approaches also aim to eradicate cancer cells, including antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).

Incorporating leading technologies

Effective antibody ‘arming’ requires highly specialist technologies, and Oxford BioTherapeutics works with world-leading companies to incorporate these approaches in its ADCs.


We are working with BioWa to access its novel POTELLIGENT® platform for the development of ADCC enhanced antibodies against specific targets identified by our OGAP® system. We plan to use BioWa’s technology to develop novel cancer therapies for patients whose treatment options are currently limited. 


Our strategic collaboration with ADC-toxin leader Seattle Genetics reflects the importance of our OGAP technology and antibody development capabilities. Under the agreement, both companies contribute their technologies to discover innovative ADCs. Successful candidates are then selected for further development and commercialization by both organisations on an alternating basis. 


Oxford BioTherapeutics has exclusive worldwide rights to ImmunoGen’s proprietary ADC toxin technology for use against a novel target discovered with the company’s OGAP discovery platform.